A unique and comprehensive platform that delivers cyber security, DevSecOps and privacy results

A broader view only a cloud platform can deliver

Eagle Cloud, now part of Agility, is a platform designed to deliver the best results for your cybersecurity and privacy teams.

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We're born in the cloud, so we can scale our solutions along your business needs. No infrastructure or software updates required.


Detect vulnerabilities from development process to cloud deployment.


No need to dig through a mountain of data. Our AI platform connects all the dots and show you the way.


Quickly identify threats to your data, website and apps.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Actionable information based on tons of data, to help your teams to take the best response decisions and actions.

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Multicloud Application Security

Have a DevSecOps pipeline and know vulnerabilities from the beginning, ensuring a shift-left approach

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Privacy Operations

The power of AI turning privacy operations processes more efficient.

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